Daily Diva: Jackie Gomez Face The Beauty 2013

Daily Diva: Jackie Gomez Face The Beauty 2013

Jackie Gomez is a top tier makeup artist, the Brand Ambassador for St. Tropez Tan and one of Beyonce’s core glam squad members. She is also one of the nicest people in the business. In early February, Jackie hosted a party called Face The Beauty 2013 where she unveiled her favorite beauty products. Each guest left with a giftbag toting all the items. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with mine. 

I called up DIVAlicious Contributors Denise Del Russo and Aisha Singleton and organized a little challenge!

Could all the products be used together to create one beautiful and cohesive face, painted by Denise and shot by Aisha.

You be the judge!!

Carolyn from Alchemy Space Salon agreed to be our willing subject and we started with Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Cream to prep her skin. 

Next we applied light foundation using a damp Beauty Blender Black (for pros).

Then we glided Vapour Organic Beauty Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Color Treatment in Obsess (a golden green) over Carolyn’s eyes. Jackie advises adding extra color to the corner of the eye for a strong statement.

And here’s where we sort of cheated… I had recently interviewed Jackie for my Makeup.com Beauty Icons Series column on Beyonce. So I knew L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow was also a must-have product in her kit and one she uses on Queen B. So I gave Denise the go-ahead to dust just a touch in Golden Emerald (a similar shade) on top of the Vapour eye shimmer to bump up and also set the cream base.

We lined Carolyn’s eyes with SmashBox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen and coated her lashes in L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara. Jackie advises curling lashes for 5 seconds before applying mascara.

Then we broke out the Motives by Loren Ridinger Shooting Star Blush and dusted it on the apples of Carolyn’s cheeks. [NOTE: This has since become my go-to blush! LOVE IT.]

And finally, we swept on Tarte Glamazon lipstick in Bold to finish the look.

Misison accomplished. I think Carolyn “faces the beauty” pretty well!!

Photography by: Aisha Singleton

Makeup by: Denise Del Russo

Location: Alchemy Space Salon