DIVA DOES… Infidelity (Cheating on your Hairstylist)

DIVA DOES… Infidelity (Cheating on your Hairstylist)

Ever had the guilt-laden yet incredibly exciting urge to cheat on your hairstylist??????

I’m currently considering going down that path, despite knowing she’ll inevitably find out. I feel horrible and, at the same time, high on the possibility of looking amazingly different.

I’ve only cheated on her once before and in that instance too, it was with a solid premeditated excuse.

In this case, I was getting a blowout for work and knew it was time for a trim. My hair was certainly not at its post-cut perfection. The stylist too knew it needed a little maintenance. And she skillfully used this information to lure me in, as any qualified temptress would.

She gave me an amazing blowout, full of volume and movement and wave. It was near perfect. But the moment she saw me notice how the length of the face-framing layers weighed down the crown – she pounced. She offered to trim the offending pieces to finish the look. I considered for a moment, knowing as all cheaters do that this could be a point of no return, and then agreed.

She expertly cut and razored those layers….. and then some more…. and then some more. And I was really liking it.

I refused, of course, to let her go all the way.

I told her I already had a stylist I loved.

She seductively handed me her card in case my stylist was “busy” and said she’d love to give me a full cut next time, telling me exactly what she’d do if I’d let her.

That was on Thursday and I’ve been contemplating it ever since.

Part of me is immensely loyal and happy with the look I’ve got going now. Part of me is immensely intrigued by this potential new, edgier look.

Should I stray???…………