GROH Ergo Boost Review

GROH Ergo Boost Review

Happy almost summertime! Boy, the seasons sure are flying, aren’t they? Summer prep is one of my favorite times of the year. I love decorating my space with summery knick knacks and scents and I love getting my skin prepped for sand and sun. Those of you who know me also know that I really enjoy system skin and hair care. What do I mean by systems? I like using products that complement one another and work together. So when GROH’s Ergo Boost Lifestyle Kit came out, I had to give it a whirl.

The product comes wrapped in a pretty silky, purple box. Inside are all of these goodies (totaling a $152.00 value) including GROH Ergo Boost Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment, Skin Repair Treatment, Ergo Boost Skin Recharge Cleansing Bar, and the Ergo Boost Daily Replenishing Supplement. I was most excited to try the Conditioning Treatment ad the Recharging Bar since I’m a big fan of bar soaps! :)

The Ergo Boost Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment smells amazing and is rich and luxurious. After two weeks of use, my curls are super soft and defined. I really liked using this on my ends and leaving it in for a few minutes to let the ingredients (all super and natural–sweet almond oil, coconut, D2, and argan oil) work their magic. The treatment itself is thick and absorbs into hair nicely and smells delicious. This product, for me, was a total win!

Same goes for the Skin Repair Treatment. Can we talk about how amazing this is? This D2 and antioxidant blend made my skin feel awesome! I actually used this as a night creme instead of my daytime base for makeup since it was so rich. My skin felt soft and smooth and even. The scent was a little “clinical”, but the smell goes away as quickly as it absorbs. Because I’m only 28, I feel like a lot of the free radical fighting and anti-aging complexes will work well for preventative care–which is more than okay in my book! You can also use this as a cuticle treatment which worked wonders for me!

I was also a big fan of the Ergo Boost Skin Recharge Cleansing Bar. The scent is fresh and clean with Lavender and Lemon oils. Like GROH’s other products, the main ingredient is Mushroom Extract which promotes healthy, youthful looking skin. This soap lathers nicely and rinses clean. This week was full of trips and outside events; my skin automatically felt awakened when I showered at the end of the day, and perfectly clean and spiffy, too. If you’re a fan of bar soaps that cleanse as they pamper, this is a great add-on for your bathroom!

Finally, the Ergo Boost Daily Replenishing Supplement. I love all of the ingredients (vegetarian D2, oats, and other botanicals). After two weeks of using these supplements, my nails have gotten strong and look great. As for my hair, I have not noticed much of a chance. Here’s why this might be: my hair is thick and curly. Any new growth is really hard to see. After two weeks, my hair just does not show growth. It gets trapped in my curls! So, despite the fact that I didn’t see results with my hair from the supplements, the ingredients are still great for nails and skin. So, give them a try!

I really enjoyed trying these products overall and my curls are happy and healthy. How do you plan to get your skin and hair summer ready?

– Christine

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