InternDIVA: Safely Sun-Kissed

InternDIVA: Safely Sun-Kissed

Walking to class through an abrupt hail storm, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been hit with the harsh reality that winter is on its way (and fast) here in Binghamton. With winter right around the corner, the dreaded curse of P-A-S-T-Y skin has been haunting my mind. Though I know it’s only natural to eventually lose that bronzy glow developed over the summer months, I can’t help but crave that complexion throughout the year. Having knowledge of my family’s health history including a number of different types of cancers, along with an awareness of how detrimental indoor tanning can be to your health, I have remained weary to stick to safer options including tinted lotions and mousses. While doing a little research, I came across a product that seemed to be anything but disappointing. About 5 business days later, I was able to experience the wonders of this product for myself!

Million Dollar Tan sunless products and solutions have provided a safe and effective alternative to artificial tanning for the past ten years. Owner and CEO Lindsay Dickhout was on a quest to develop the perfect product to create beautiful and healthy glowing skin (h a l l e l u j a h). MDT offers a number of different products including lotions, mousses, perfecters, sprays and boosters, along with pro-systems and solutions. Through applaud worthy reviews, Million Dollar Tan has sky rocketed in popularity, making it one of the premier manufactures of everything sunless tanning.  These products have been featured during events such as Mercedes Benz fashion week for Miami Swimwear, and they ship internationally! MDT at-home tanners are reasonably priced (I ordered the 8 oz. size of the Cabana Tan lotion in Extreme for $38. To some, that might seem a little pricey for a tanning lotion, but between the positive feed back I’ve read through a number of reviews, along with my personal experience with the product, I feel you get a genuine bang for your buck.), and continue to grow as an innovative brand within the industry. 

Though EXTREMELY anxious, I was sure to watch a few online video tutorials for some guidance before diving right in. The two I found to be most helpful were Carli Bybel’s and Nicole Guerriero’s at-home demos. Though there are steps and recommendations for proper application on the back of the bottle and on the brand’s website, I still followed along with the video tutorials to play it safe.

Prior to application, it is recommended (however, NOT mandatory) to thoroughly exfoliate your skin, along with completely shaving any body parts (such as your legs) to ensure an even application. NOTE: if you are anything like me, and turn into a scaly reptile over the winter, I HIGGGGGHLY highly recommend going back and exfoliating a second time. You want to assure your skin is refreshed, and free of any lingering dead skin cells. 

After prepping my skin, it was go time! The first thing I noticed about the lotion was its consistency – the odorless lotion was far from heavy, and went on like most other body lotions I have used in the past. Not only was the lotion easy to work with, but the application process was squeaky clean!! There was no gooey, brown mess and the lotion dried clear on my skin (AKA no stains on my clothes or sheets – double thumbs up). The bronzing transformation takes up to 6-8 hours, so I moisturized with my Cabana Tan right before bed.

Excited to wake up to my freshly “sun-tanned” skin, I went to bed that night with the highest of expectations.

Waking up to a caramel complexion, I knew then and there the MDT hype was SERIOUS. My skin looked naturally bronzed, and the application couldn’t have dried more evenly. Initially, concerns of possibly looking like a life-sized pumpkin lingered in the back of my mind, but my results were on #point. There were no streaks, blotchy areas or discolored patches. This lotion can be used daily or weekly (with the color my skin developed after just one use, I don’t think I would use this product on a daily basis. However, this lotion will be my #1 go-to for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, events, or if I’m just longing for a little color). Aside from the effectiveness of the Cabana Tan lotion, something I really appreciated about this product was what goes into it. MDT products and solutions are paraben-free, made with organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals are used! Having highly (and I mean highly) sensitive skin, I try to avoid any products with questionable ingredients that could result in possible breakouts, allergic reactions or clogged pores. Another aspect of this product I love is how long-lasting the tan stays. After one application, your caramel tone lasts up to 7-10 days (just #yes). 

With the success I found with the Cabana Tan, I give this product a full five stars! The lotion provided my skin with a long-lasting, NATURAL looking glow.

Though MDT products are said to be highly effective, there are a ton of other options available on the market. The main point is, you want to do what is not only best for your skin, but for your health. Aside from trying to avoid the inevitable development of wrinkles, too much exposure to UV rays can be destructive. Million Dollar Tan products are truly the perfect alternative and a safe way to maintain that summertime radiance all year round. There is absolutely no better feeling than loving the skin you’re in (literally)!! And remember… a healthy Diva is a beautiful Diva :)



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. <3


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey girl heyyyy!!

    I have some questions – How does the product look near the hairline, on elbows and knees and on hands and feet? That to me is where I can tell a varsity tanning product from JV. Did you use vaseline on those parts?? How does it compare to a professional spray-tan??


  2. Marlena Sirois

    I worked the lotion carefully around my elbows/knees and only applied a tiny amount so those areas wouldn’t turn a completely different shade than the rest of my skin. I also blended any remainder lotion around my wrists/ankles onto the the back of my hands and the tops of my feet so it didn’t look like I was wearing white gloves/socks. As for my face, I slightly worked the lotion into my hairline to avoid any harsh edges (which could result in a poorly-blended foundation look).

    I personally didn’t use vaseline, but I’m sure it’s helpful! Definitely be sure to wash your hands after applying to avoid blotchy palms – when applying the lotion to my hands, I worked the product into my skin using the back of my hands rather than my palms (might seem a little complicated or tricky, you can also use plastic gloves when applying). I’ve never been professionally sprayed, but MDT is long lasting and fades naturally over the 7-10 days. Perfecting the application definitely takes practice, but with the help of the youtube tutorials, my tan came out really well!! I definitely suggest following along with the tutorials.