JESSICA ANGELES |Beauty (& Style) Meets Tech

Hi there! I’m Jessica, and I’m the DIVAlicious “Beauty Meets Tech” guru. Aligning with my love for all things modern and innovative, I cover cutting-edge beauty and fashion products that speak to the next generation of divas.

I believe in a constantly forward-looking mentality, so whether it’s in regards to career, new hobbies, or even your own beauty regimen – this is something I want to always explore and share with you like-minded gals (and guys)!

Other than being a long-time DIVAlicious contributor, I currently work for Tumblr, specifically in Media Partnerships, so I’m pretty passionate when it comes to exercising my client-facing skills. 

I also love fashion, specifically: monochrome colors, oversized fabrics, Hawaiian florals and holographic prints. I enjoy organic foods, juices and beauty products whenever I can, and love traveling and exploring hidden gems across different cities. I’m a social media enthusiast, and always keep up with the latest Internet trends. [insert peace emoji + gold sparkles emoji]