MELANIE NGO | Minimalist Style

I am a lover of all things simple, chic, and easy… Especially when it comes to personal style. As a born and bred New Yorker hailing from Queens, I’ve seen quite a few different trends come and go, some I’ve dabbled in (name belts anyone?) and some I didn’t (sorry, peplum), but one thing’s for sure — I’ve probably tried that hairstyle! Wet and scrunched, gelled back, synthetic hair scrunchies, fishtails, waves… The list can go on. There’s only one thing I’ll never do – cut my long locks! So when it comes to trying different hair products, dryers, curlers, flatirons, I’m more than happy to take that dive into the deep end (maybe taking baby steps, sometimes wearing a floatie…) and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly on all things for your hair!

While hair is my ~mane~ topic, I also cover a few other things close to my heart – my lifelong journey to find a signature scent plus easy beauty and cool cozy style, because there’s nothing like coming out looking ~*flawless*~ after getting ready from start-to-finish in twenty minutes or less, rocking a pair of Nikes while still looking chic, and leaving a trail of floral-vanilla-fruity goodness when you walk past!

Aside from being a full-time diva, I currently work at a media agency. R&B, hip-hop, French fries, Korean TV, and a salt-rimmed frozen margarita are also a few of my favorite things, which I indulge in frequently. I still resides in Queens, and will probably live there forever because I love it so much.