PAUL CHRISTOPHER | Unisexxxy. Life Without Labels.

Born with a creative flow of energy, complimented by an acute attention to detail. Infused into my own personal interpretation of art, beauty, fashion, design, and lifestyle. 

Standing at 5’9, with another 2 inches of fabulous hair (yes, as they say, the higher the hair, the closer to god!), a lot of my day involves taking off one hat and putting on another. But not just fitted or fedora. Most of the time it’s a hard hat, working for a mechanical contractor. And soon, a graduation cap, as I receive my masters degree from Columbia.

What else? I also love to paint. Decorate. And talk…a lot! I have a strong love for lip balm, oils, serums and anti-aging preventives.

Mostly, I believe in living life without labels and loving it.