señor lettuce

señor lettuce


Señor Lettuce spent countless hours perfecting his best angles, shooting only his good side for this headshot. Then countless more hours on photoshop and facetune to get the crispest photo ever for DIVAlicious. He reveals his process so no one ends up jelly, thinking he woke up like this. #FLAWLESS

Señor Lettuce loves the hottest of hot sauce, beach bonfires, coals on the grill, sunset surf sessions, grueling workouts, cooking breakfast for his bae, the top whiskeys of the world, heavy-hitting beer, Sunday dinners with the fam, international travel, the LA Kings, alternative rock.

He sings along to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. For those who try to shame him, he just shakes it off.

Señor Lettuce has no problem being a resident dude in a diva domain.