UNISEXXXY: Glow from Head to Toe

UNISEXXXY: Glow from Head to Toe
While winter chaps the skin, summer burns it and no one wants to be a Josie Grossie, looking all crispy then shedding like a reptile! And being pale and pasty also just isn’t a cute look. #sorrynotsorry. Fear not, beach babes.
Sharing is caring, and today I’m revealing my two-step method to a consistently flawless (and safe) summer bronze…
Rather than place yourself in the tanning toaster oven like garlic bread, or risk the irreversible damage of the big, bad sun itself, I give you my unisexxxy approach for a healthy, natural, and longer lasting tan:
Coat yourself in  my personal favorite  sunscreen: L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Crystal Clear Mist.

I recommend a super high SPF to block damaging UVA AND UVB rays and this one does the trick. It’s a sheer mist you can apply wet or dry on a daily basis (no greasy white mess). It’s also created with additional ingredients that feed your body (like white grape seed oil). Leaves you feeling fresh before you even break a sweat!
For added hydration and skin nourishment, I also like to layer on a daily facial moisturizer and lip balm with SPF.
Of course, my summer goal is to get golden but this is the perfect protective base.
Now for the fun part…
Get your glow on with a generous application of St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse.
I personally add it in on my weekly Sunday SpaDay and suggest you do the same. On Monday morning, your skin will radiate  a stunning bronze.
A couple of application tips from a product junkie like me:
  • Use a soft “tan towel” specifically for spreading the bronzing mousse evenly across your body. Rinse the towel with soap to avoid stains. (You can also use a St. Tropez Applicator Mitt.)
  • Pair with tinted daily moisturizer such as Jergen’s Natural Glow to maintain your perfect hue in between applications.
How’s that for unisexxxy?!?

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