UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [K-Beauty]

UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [K-Beauty]

‘Tis true. I LOVE K-beauty.

And though the new Kylie Jenner kits were monopolizing all my social media posts, this other K beauty has anchored her place in my life. We meet in the morning and she spends all day with me. ‘Til I splash water on my face and say, it’s a wrap Korea!

Introducing Touch In Sol.

Sold at Sephora with a limited selection also available at Urban Outfitters, I’m happy to report on these MUST-HAVES I discovered at the brand’s latest launch event. Because after all, a true DIVA spreads beauty with their squad!


#1. Frame the Eye with Brow Expert Bar ($20). 

Achieve the perfect brow. It’s SO EASY!

Ok so check this out…it’s DUAL action. Featuring a triangle shaped pencil (allows you more flexibility to achieve both artistic and natural looks). PLUS also featuring a brow mascara on the flip side…to keep that sh*t in place!

#2. Bat away with Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara ($22)

One thing I am a total fan of, but ONLY when done right… mascara.

My friends know I will be first to let you know you went overboard and got a little too wand-happy. Or that you need to get your ass to a beauty counter soon and invest in a new mascara.

But like all things, you have to find the product that works best for YOU.

Well, I will tell you this is now my fave! And I’ve since turned at least 10 friends on who are just as in love!  Why so FETCH (yes fetch is happening here)??? Using a specially formulated point-elastic polymer combined with a cellulose powder, this mascara brings curl and length quick and easy.

Oh wait. There’s more! The mascara provides health benefits too! Its hyaluronic acid ingredient moistens the eyelashes. And the silk protein ingredient provides nutrition.

And when it’s time to go bare face, all you need is water to remove this product!


#3. Highlight and Enhance with Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter ($21)

 A matte finish highlighter. That brings some brightness wherever you’re slacking! Or anywhere you think needs a little something Xtra!

I use under my eyebrows. On the nose. Cheekbones. Even sometimes above the center of the upper lip.

That’s right… illuminate the eyes. Brighten or reduce shadows. Get an insta-browlift. Enhance contour. All is this ONE product!


#4. Draw boundaries with Style Neon Gel Liner. ($16)

The ones with others (friends, family, lovers, etc) are meant for black and white. When it comes to beauty, explore. Color your aura. Such emotion is captured in our eyes and everyone has a beautiful pair to call their own. Capture their beauty with some color theory. As in, the color that will just give them that extra POP!

I love shades of blue and purple with my hazel/ brown eyes.

What do you think?


Wow! A LOT to take in I know. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • Touch In Sol
  • Innovator in Korean Beauty
  • Sold at Sephora (select items at Urban Outfitters)
  • Price points under $24
  • Diverse collection works for natural to glam beauty looks


Check it out for your UNISEXXXY self and let me know what you think!


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