Victoria by Victoria’s Secret Perfume Review

Victoria by Victoria’s Secret Perfume Review

(photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret) 

“Fresh. Sexy. Totally Irresistible.”

Imagine a beautiful, demure Parisian woman donning a flowing floral-on-white cotton skirt and a pastel yellow, sleeveless silk button-down. She is sitting on her mint-colored moped tying a chiffon scarf around her neck. Just before she speeds away… she turns around and blows a kiss to the stunningly handsome Parisian man checking her out from across the street!

This is the woman I imagine and attempt to embody when I smell and apply Victoria by Victoria’s Secret fragrance.

The scent is sweet and feminine, while also sensual and confident.

And it, hands-down, has become one of my favorite perfumes. I love subtle fragrances and fruity scents – like Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Envy Me by Gucci. And now Victoria’s Secret has concocted this wonderful potion that marries my two loves. The notes of this scent are Red Berries, Victoria Rose, and Crème Brûlée. A clean hint of roses backed by the delicious warmth of sweet fruit and dessert gives this fragrance a fresh and rich aroma.

The packaging is also one of my favorites. A pink-metallic ribbon ties the neck from front to back. The whole bottle appears to be fragile, but it turns out to be stronger than one may think… as I found out when I made the clumsy mistake of dropping the cap on my bedroom floor.

(photo courtesy of Kate Pangilinan)

Also, as you can see in the picture I snapped above, the box is just as lovely as the bottle, making this perfume a beautiful gift.

If you find its aroma as wonderful as I do, this perfume is subtle enough to be worn everyday. But if you like to save your fragrances for special occasions, it’s also a great tease for a first date. Victoria is a unique scent that is not at all overpowering — I promise you won’t smell like you’ve bathed in perfume!

If you prefer a very bold fragrance, though, Victoria may actually be a little too subtle. Some may find that a reapplication is necessary in the middle of the day. As a solution, Victoria’s Secret recommends the perfume be paired with the Victoria Sheer Body Lotion for “a longer lasting fragrance.”  Perhaps that’s a sales tactic, but I must say, if the body lotion smells just as wonderful as the perfume, I’m completely sold.

-Kate Pangilinan

[Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.]



  1. GaYoung Kwon

    Daisy is probably my ultimate favorite scent, so this sounds like it’s totally worth trying! Great review :)

  2. Jessica Angeles

    Totes in LOVE with the packaging. Sounds like a must try! Great review, girl :)