Beat the Blemish – KORA Organics Blemish Gel

Beat the Blemish – KORA Organics Blemish Gel

While I don’t allow an occasional blemish to phase me, you will never catch me turning down an opportunity to achieve a clearer complexion at a faster pace. With KORA Organics Blemish Gel, I’m able to achieve and maintain a close-to blemish free complexion at all times!


KORA Organics is a certified, organic skincare line created by Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr. The KORA mission is to provide optimal quality certified organic formulas to nourish, rejuvenate, beautify and transform the skin. The brand does not use animal products or animal by-products making it vegan and cruelty-free — all amazing things to stand by. KORA Organics products range from blemish and acne treatment, to anti-aging and exfoliation.

KORA Organics Blemish Gel is a powerful blend of concentrated botanicals specifically designed to naturally help and address problematic skin. Noni extract and Lemon Myrtle combine to simply, quickly and effectively support the skin against blemishes. The gel is super fragrant, but far from overwhelming, adding a fresh touch to the application.


Taking a pea-size amount, I apply the gel to any problem areas after cleansing and drying my skin. It is recommended to apply the gel to the blemish 2-3 times a day, and allowing a drying time of 1-2 minutes to ensure effective results.

I take the KORA Organics Blemish Gel  with me almost everywhere I go. The miniature bottle makes it super convenient to carry in your purse or wristlet, and I am now able to treat a blemish from the moment it starts to develop. Retailing for $44, the gel can be purchased online at the KORA Organics site.

Well Divas… With the Blemish Gel in hand, I think it’s time to #beat #the #BLEMISH!



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