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Head diva in charge ;)

#GIRLBOSS for life.

Big believer that beauty & brains are best paired together.

Born and raised in NY.

Currently residing in BK.

Check out my full bio, along with press clips + brand partnershipsprofessional makeup portfolio and video work.


PAUL CHRISTOPHER | Unisexxxy. Life Without Labels.

Born with a creative flow of energy, complimented by an acute attention to detail. Infused into my own personal interpretation of art, beauty, fashion, design, and lifestyle. 

Standing at 5’9, with another 2 inches of fabulous hair (yes, as they say, the higher the hair, the closer to god!), a lot of my day involves taking off one hat and putting on another. But not just fitted or fedora. Most of the time it’s a hard hat, working for a mechanical contractor. And soon, a graduation cap, as I receive my masters degree from Columbia.

What else? I also love to paint. Decorate. And talk…a lot! I have a strong love for lip balm, oils, serums and anti-aging preventives.

Mostly, I believe in living life without labels and loving it.

JESSICA ANGELES | Beauty (& Style) Meets Tech

Hi there! I’m Jessica, and I’m the DIVAlicious “Beauty Meets Tech” guru. Aligning with my love for all things modern and innovative, I cover cutting-edge beauty and fashion products that speak to the next generation of divas.

I believe in a constantly forward-looking mentality, so whether it’s in regards to career, new hobbies, or even your own beauty regimen – this is something I want to always explore and share with you like-minded gals (and guys)!

Other than being a long-time DIVAlicious contributor, I currently work for Tumblr, specifically in Media Partnerships, so I’m pretty passionate when it comes to exercising my client-facing skills. 

I also love fashion, specifically: monochrome colors, oversized fabrics, Hawaiian florals and holographic prints. I enjoy organic foods, juices and beauty products whenever I can, and love traveling and exploring hidden gems across different cities. I’m a social media enthusiast, and always keep up with the latest Internet trends. [insert peace emoji + gold sparkles emoji]

DENISE DEL RUSSO | Healthy Beauty

I am a seasoned professional makeup artist, health and wellness enthusiast, teacher, pro-laugher, traveler, who aspires to inspire. I’ve had beauty on the brain from a young age.  Later in life, I translated that passion into a career helping other women look and feel their best. One of my daily objectives is to focus on my client’s best features and accentuate them. To this end, I am constantly researching the best products and gathering new ideas on how to help women live better and feel the greatest in their skin.

I am a skilled, accomplished artist who has worked in editorial, TV and bridal for ten years. I earned a completion certificate in 2010 after studying in London, the Pixiwoos course with the renowned Samantha and Nicola Chapman, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Montclair State University in 2005 and a Masters in Teaching from Montclair State University in 2011, and am currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am now focusing on using my communication and teaching skills to bring health awareness to my clients and on helping them understand that true beauty comes from within (and with some healthy beauty products, of course.)

MELANIE NGO | Minimalist Style

I am a lover of all things simple, chic, and easy… Especially when it comes to personal style. As a born and bred New Yorker hailing from Queens, I’ve seen quite a few different trends come and go, some I’ve dabbled in (name belts anyone?) and some I didn’t (sorry, peplum), but one thing’s for sure — I’ve probably tried that hairstyle! Wet and scrunched, gelled back, synthetic hair scrunchies, fishtails, waves… The list can go on. There’s only one thing I’ll never do – cut my long locks! So when it comes to trying different hair products, dryers, curlers, flatirons, I’m more than happy to take that dive into the deep end (maybe taking baby steps, sometimes wearing a floatie…) and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly on all things for your hair!

While hair is my ~mane~ topic, I also cover a few other things close to my heart – my lifelong journey to find a signature scent plus easy beauty and cool cozy style, because there’s nothing like coming out looking ~*flawless*~ after getting ready from start-to-finish in twenty minutes or less, rocking a pair of Nikes while still looking chic, and leaving a trail of floral-vanilla-fruity goodness when you walk past!

Aside from being a full-time diva, I currently work at a media agency. R&B, hip-hop, French fries, Korean TV, and a salt-rimmed frozen margarita are also a few of my favorite things, which I indulge in frequently. I still resides in Queens, and will probably live there forever because I love it so much.

LEXI LAUREN | Experimental Beauty

Coffee enthusiast, frequent concert goer, and an avid Netflix user, I’m currently focusing on bringing “Experimental Beauty” to DIVAlicious!

I love playing with unexpected shades, finding inspiration from street style, and having an open mind when it comes to cosmetics.

I currently attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and am enrolled in the BA Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing Program.

In my free time, I enjoy scrolling through social media and photographing my own content to upload to my beauty blog, Lexsticks94, on Tumblr.

CHRISTINE GALLO | Compassionate Glamour

By day you can find me grilling my students on verb tenses, central ideas, and literary themes. But once the final school bell rings, you’ll find me testing out cruelty-free beauty products on both myself (and my ever-patient husband), and writing about all of them. I started blogging in the late 90s and early 00s back when the Internet required a dial-up modem. I loved writing and sharing my interests with the world, and focused my own blog,, on beauty and lifestyle. Years later, after switching to a vegetarian diet and a cruelty-free lifestyle, I focused my blog on cruelty-free, safe, and organic beauty and home products with the same touch of everyday lifestyle that my readers have come to enjoy.

With my posts, you’ll get product reviews, round-ups, and tips for shopping compassionately. You’ll learn more about the big cruelty-free brands and some of the lesser-known artisan brands, too. I’ll tell you where to look for cruelty-free and natural products and I’ll help you sift through the drama of revamping your cosmetic case. And I promise, you’ll look fabulous while doing it!


Señor Lettuce spent countless hours perfecting his best angles, shooting only his good side for this headshot. Then countless more hours on photoshop and facetune to get the crispest photo ever for DIVAlicious. He reveals his process so no one ends up jelly, thinking he woke up like this. #FLAWLESS

Señor Lettuce loves the hottest of hot sauce, beach bonfires, coals on the grill, sunset surf sessions, grueling workouts, cooking breakfast for his bae, the top whiskeys of the world, heavy-hitting beer, Sunday dinners with the fam, international travel, the LA Kings, alternative rock.

He sings along to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. For those who try to shame him, he just shakes it off.

Señor Lettuce has no problem being a resident dude in a diva domain.