BEAUTYfull®: Margarita Garcia Acevedo, Beauty Realized

For the 18th BEAUTYfull post, we reveal the outer beauty along with the inner struggle of a young woman on the verge of becoming comfortable sharing both sides with the world. Often dressed in a way that covered her shape and minimized attention, and rarely sharing...

BEAUTYfull®: Rose Cosenza, Regal Beauty

For the 17th BEAUTYfull post, we honor my own first beauty icon. Just a month away from her 70th birthday, she is truly forever young... and spirited and strong and regal and fabulous and feisty and fun and kind and loving. Our conversation here, not to mention all...

BEAUTYfull®: Isla Bell Murray, Minimalist Beauty

Isla on learning to love her smile and her height plus thoughts on social media, confidence, diversity, retouching and more.

BEAUTYfull™: Nicole Siobal, Span-Asian Beauty

Nicole Siobal on the pressure to assimilate when you look ‘different” and coming to love the very things that make you different. #thisisBEAUTYfull

BEAUTYfull™: Andres Gutierrez, El Guapo Travieso de Publishing

Andres Gutierrez on dad bod, telenovelas, big booty, David Hasselhoff, Ricky Martin, and the one word that sums up what beauty is to him. #thisisBEAUTYfull

BEAUTYfull™: Nilukshi De Silva, South Asian Meets NYC Beauty

Nilukshi De Silva on Bollywood vs Hollywood influences, social media as a tool to spread inclusivity, and why living a healthy lifestyle is BEAUTYfull.

BEAUTYfull™: Mijon Zulu, Beauty with Substance

Mijon Zulu on the two current standards of male beauty, how he overcame teenage insecurity from being overweight, and why substance trumps perfection.

BEAUTYfull™: Lindsay Huggins, inner light and self love

Lindsay Huggins on inner light, diversity in casting and the truth behind what it really takes for people to nail a “perfect” photo.

BEAUTYfull™: Jaclynn Brennan, Unleashed Beauty

Jaclynn Brennan on body positivity, the use of photoshop in the fashion industry and why tearing down and judging other women is un-beautiful.

BEAUTYfull™: Niki Dankner, Red-Headed Beauty with Vintage Style

Niki Dankner, a spirited red-headed beauty with a unique vintage style, shares how social media affects self-esteem and why she loves her curly red hair.

The Lettuces: Prenatal Vitamins That Won’t Make You Sick AF

What if your “morning sickness” wasn’t sickness at all? What if it was your prenatal vitamins? Turns out, for me, it was.

The Lettuces: 9 Amazing Pregnancy-Friendly Beauty Items That I’ll Still Use Post-Pregnancy

So nice to have met you! These nine pregnancy-friendly beauty products are going in my post-pregnancy forever rotation because they are that good.

The Lettuces: We’re Pregnant!

To my husband, then immediate family, then close friends and extended family, then everyone else – how I announced We’re Pregnant!

DIVAbride: A funny thing happened on the way to test Vinylux

A funny thing happened on the way to test Vinylux. SPOILER: It starts with a boyfriend and ends with a fiancé.

DIVAbride: 7 Truth Bombs You Need To Know from Skin Expert Mary Schook

If you are alive and have skin, you need to read this. RIGHT. NOW.

DIVAbride: Honey, I shrunk my pores [aka, the solution to enlarged pores]

If you have enlarged pores, and want to shrink them, you will thank me for this.

DIVAbride: Hate your hairline but want an updo? Toppik to the rescue.

From an elegant bun to a rockstar fauxhawk, wearing hair up shows off your face AND your wedding dress. No worries if you hate your hairline. Try Toppik!

DIVAbride: Fresh New Bridal Beauty [7 Products You Should Check Out For Your Special Occasions]

As a bride-to-be, I’m looking at a beauty in a new and different way… Here are 7 fresh bridal (or special event) beauty ideas for skin, brows, lashes, nails and hair. #LOVE

DIVAbride: Mask On, Mask Off [My favorite new face masks to prep for a big day]

SURPRISE! I got married! And I’m gonna share a lot of things I learned along the way. Starting with new face masks I tested to give good face on my big day!

DIVAbride: 3 Steps to Stay Calm on A Big Day (Even If You Have a Near-Death Experience, Like I Did)

I had a near-death experience on my wedding weekend, the day of the party. Here’s what I did to stay calm afterwards, when I felt anything but. I hope these 3 tips can help others.

DIVAbride: How to pick your hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding

As a makeup artist and now a Mrs, I’ve been on both sides of the bridal beauty coin. Here are my 5 simple steps on how to pick your hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding

DIVAbride: My Bridal Glam Squad

SQUAD GOALS. My bridal glam squad killed it for my secret ceremony and surprise wedding reception. Check them out!!

DIVAbride: Why you should bring photos to your wedding hair and makeup trial

I have been asked a lot lately about my feeling on the importance of bringing photos to the wedding hair and makeup trial. And my feeling on its importance, in a word: PARAMOUNT.

DIVABRIDE: How I got my goal body for my engagement-slash-surprise-wedding

Here are 5 things I did, in very limited time, to achieve my goal body for my wedding. For brides or anyone with an upcoming special occasion, get it honey!

DIVAbride: I wore a $200 wedding dress. Then I wore it again.

I wore an off the rack, final sale, $200 dress for my wedding party. Over a year later, I wore it again. No rules. No regrets.


DIVAbride: I wore a $200 wedding dress. Then I wore it again.

I wore an off the rack, final sale, $200 dress for my wedding party. Over a year later, I wore it again. No rules. No regrets.

DIVA DOES… Bisou Nail Atelier

The best gel manicure in New York City. According to Vogue. And me. Check out the genius that is Bisou Nail Atelier.

DIVA DOES… Sio Beauty Skinpad for Chest Lines

Do you have a pitch fork on your chest when you wake? You know a line with a line on each side. There’s now a beauty solution for that. Welcome Sio Beauty.

DIVA DOES… Hot Tools Micro Crimper

I got blown away, Wizard of Oz style, by a beauty pic on IG. Two days later and only $27 poorer, I was the proud owner of Hot Tools Micro Crimper. #OBSESSED

DIVA DOES… Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skincare [Sponsored]

As you’re switching things up for the change of seasons, why not your skincare too? Here are my top 3 reasons to add Neutrogena Hydro Boost to your regimen.

NYFW: Backstage Beauty at Rachel Antonoff with Skyn Iceland

At Rachel Antonoff SS17 models were treated to a 6 step skincare routine by Skyn Iceland to ensure that every canvas was perfectly prepped and primed.

NYFW: Backstage Beauty at Michael Costello SS17 with Ingot & Essie

During backstage beauty at Michael Costello SS17, key MUA Edward Cruz for Inglot announced we can wipe off the brow, the contour, the highlight! AMEN.

DIVA DOES… Insights from Hair Loss Expert Lucinda Ellery

What do a cheap brush, The Secret and caring for your home have in common?? I met with Hair Loss Expert Lucinda Ellery and this is what she recommended.

DIVA DOES… Topical Wrinkle Filler {ft. Fullfill Hyaluronic Acid Serum}

I tested topical wrinkle filler and it worked. It may not change your life like the right derm can, but for a non-Rx product, it’s pretty impressive.

DIVA DOES… Skinceuticals, The Derm Favorite

If there is one constant I know for sure in this ever-changing world of beauty, it is this: Derms. Love. Skinceuticals.