DIVA DOES… Hot Tools Micro Crimper

DIVA DOES… Hot Tools Micro Crimper

I recently saw this post on W mag’s IG account and lost my mind.

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Hair by Dennis Gots

It inspired me to do some immediate online research on the micro-crimping trend that I’ve been LOVING of late — and that inspired me to comparison e-shop all the tools out there that could best give me this look.

One product kept coming up over again. A budget model, I may add.

Since I wanted the crimper ASAP, I didn’t even bother to email the brand’s PR, who had been in touch with me regarding NYFW. Instead, I ordered it straight off of Amazon. 

In 2 days time (hello, PRIME!), I was the proud owner of the Hot Tools 1″ Micro Crimper. AND I was also only $27 poorer.


Now I still plan on recreating that killer inspiration pony, but here is my first attempt with the device.

I must say, I… AM… IN… LOVE.

And not that I care much about the approval of others, HOWEVER, I can say with certainty that I’m not the only one…

People I know (including a no-bullshit celebrity hairstylist and a beloved beauty/fashion magazine publisher), not to mention complete strangers, were giving me compliments, nods of approval and A-OKs.

hot_tools_micro_crimper0104-copy hot_tools_micro_crimper0112-copy

To crimp my whole head of hair took about 20/30 mins (same as a full blowout) and in that time I went from semi-skeptical to feeling myself.

In my research, I had read that many women crimp only the roots under the crown for lift (without the damage of teasing) to create the illusion of volume (ummm, brilliant – and damn, where was this thing months ago for me??).

But I wasn’t going for a “did she or didn’t she” effect. I wanted a child-of-the-80s, full-throttle interpretation.

And here she is:

hot_tools_micro_crimper0118-copy hot_tools_micro_crimper0119-copy hot_tools_micro_crimper0120-copy

What do you guys think??


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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  1. Melanie Ngo

    UMMMM, wait I was honestly never a fan of this until now. You look AMAZING. I feel like these micro crimps also had major volume which is always a plus! Wonder how this would look on my hair…

    • Lauren Cosenza

      YESSSS Melanie…. major volume! So you can do it at just the root underneath (so it doesn’t show) or do the whole head like I did. I personally love the visible crimp. Very boho rocker. Truly obsessed with it. TRY IT. xoLC