DIVA DOES… Sio Beauty Skinpad for Chest Lines

DIVA DOES… Sio Beauty Skinpad for Chest Lines

I attended the Sio Beauty press event back on July 19th and am just now reporting on their new (and very cool) skincare system for a reason. Not because I was busy (I was, but who isn’t), not because I had to wait to see results (results are pretty instant albeit not permanent) but because beyond brushing my teeth and removing my makeup, I just could not commit to another step in a regular nighttime regimen. I tried and tried (and tried!) and left all the products out on my nightstand but at the end of my long days, I was spent. So rather than me collecting notes, it collected dust…

And then come daylight the 3 products for the 3 simple steps would stare at me and guilt me.

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How could I find a way to test this décolleté product that about a year ago, when wearing my deep-plunge wedding dress, I had actually wished existed but instead relied on extra hydration in the form of drinking lots of water and applying rich creams.

(PS, my budget solution did work, but god knows I cannot help but sleep on my side and this did cause me concern at the time.)

So what is Sio Beauty??

Sio Beauty “is an easy 3-Step system, clinically proven to help smooth, remove and prevent unattractive chest wrinkles – caused by aging, sun damage, side sleeping & gravity.”

If you have medium to big boobs, you know….

I personally call it the pitch fork because it’s usually a center line with an additional line on each side.

Anyhoooo, the Sio system consists of (1) a cleansing prep wipe, followed by (2) a pure medical-grade silicone adhesive pad that is worn overnight, finished by (3) a post-pad morning serum.

All together, it stops those pitch fork lines from forming and deepening over time. And if the lines are there to start, it will basically make them disappear.

It’s the kind of beauty innovation you wished existed sooner.

The system isn’t cheap ($280 in total for 1 month supply) but for those with this beauty issue, you know #thestruggleisreal.

So… does it work?

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It finally occurred to me now that summer is over, that I could wear the pad during the day under less-skin-baring clothing. Fall layers are PERFECT for this thing. So I could cleanse first thing in the morning, wear the pad for 8+ hours, and then apply the serum in the evening after removing it.

Now, this is not the type of top I would wear it under (obvi) but to show you its shape and size and texture, I wore a V-neck for the photos.

This is how the brand describes the pad:

The SiO SkinPad is our patent-pending “secret” to anti-wrinkle success. The secret is that we use the same science that was previously recommended by doctors and surgeons for the purpose of healing scars and burns.

The SkinPad is custom designed to be worn on the chest décolletage and fits women of all ages and body types. It is worn overnight, during which time it restores the natural, youthful beauty of the décolleté, while also acting to prevent future wrinkles from forming. Each SkinPads lasts for 15 uses, and can be rinsed under water or washed with a mild soap to revitalize the adhesive anytime.

All SiO products are clinically tested, allergy tested and manufactured using the highest quality and safety standards. The SkinPad is made of pure medical-grade silicone and features an ultra-thin coating of adhesive, which allows the SiO SkinPad stay on the body. The adhesive is cleared by the FDA for usage in medical devices and has been rigorously tested to deliver the highest level of safety, performance and comfort.

No Needles or Doctors Necessary | Clinically tested | Dermatologist approved | Allergy tested | Non-irritating | Safe | Comfortable | Reusable

The pad was totally comfortable and also stayed in place even though I was not sleeping but rather up and about in it.

The serum is also a win. It is formulated to hydrate, relax lines and wrinkles AND even and brighten skin tone. Kind of everything I’d personally ever want in a serum. As I mentioned, it’s not cheap but there is some serious science behind it and for anyone who feels insecure about or unhappy with their chest because of pitch fork or sun damage, and has a little cash money to spare, it would be worth investing in.

Overall, that’s how I feel about the whole system. If this is a specific beauty issue that persists for you – or you want to be proactive so that this does not become a future problem – or you have a special event coming up in which you’ll be wearing something that showcases your décolleté, it might be worth it depending on your disposable income and your commitment to wearing it daily. It definitely worked for me.

So if you’re younger, you may want to stick with water and moisturizer. If you’re older, you may opt for solutions via a cosmetic dermatologist like lasers or fillers or peels. But if you’re in between, check it out!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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