DIVA DOES… Beauty Sleep Aids

DIVA DOES… Beauty Sleep Aids

Beauty sleep. We can never seem to get enough. And while we all know the importance of sleep for our inner health (and its outward expression on our appearance) somehow good, long, deep sleep seems to evade so many of us. If you can’t log in the hours you’d like, we have some beauty sleep aids to help. They won’t necessarily make you sleep better, but they’ll make you look like you did!


A pillowcase for clearer skin? An eye mask for younger looking skin? A face mask for more hydrated skin?

Check, check and check.

Sign me up!

I’d like to wake with a clear, young, hydrated face.

So when these products arrived, I couldn’t wait for night to come to put them to the test.

Here’s what they do and what I thought of them…



THE CLAIM: This product promises to “restore youthful elasticity overnight” with it’s weightless gel texture and 24-hour smart hydrators. You just scoop some onto your fingertips and smooth the light pink product over your face and neck before bed. You don’t wash off this mask. Instead, you rinse off any residue come morning.

THE VERDICT: This product is so light, I did not think it would sufficiently hydrate. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can say I was definitely wrong on that assumption. The gel mask was inspired by memory foam developed for the NASA space program and you’ll see the jelly-like product shows no signs of ever being used every time you open it. (Quite the shock the first time it happens. It looks like brand new inside the jar!) Apparently, that bounce-back formula delivers tons of moisture and nutrients while you sleep. The gel almost liquifies in your hands upon contact. And your skin drinks it right up. Score!



THE CLAIM: The delicate skin around your eyes is protected with this satiny eye mask woven with copper infused fibers that are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks. You wear it every night and when needed, clean it by hand washing with mild detergent and laying flat. How does copper help with wrinkles, you ask? “Copper is naturally found in skin and known to play an important role in skin’s renewal process. One of the properties of copper is its ability to promote the natural growth of proteins in the skin.”

THE VERDICT: I loved the feel of this thing! So soft! I also liked the “lights out” concept. This mask not only delivers skin benefits but also blocks out any visual interruptions to sleep. (Read: the urge to check your phone all night every time you see it light up.) Which also aids in better, more rested sleep. As for fewer fine lines and wrinkles, I trust the Iluminage “intelligent textiles” data on copper but am more convinced reading their clinical results from global, independent, double-blind, placebo controlled studies.



THE CLAIM: Much buzzed-about quickie facial spa Skin Laundry also uses a metal in this product… Not copper though, this Clean Sleep pillowcase is treated with charged silver ion technology to create a natural, anti-microbial effect. This helps reduce the presence of harmful bacteria by 99.9%, which helps in reducing breakouts and congestion on the face. The 100% cotton, 300 thread-count pillowcase is also hypoallergenic, non-irritating and effective for up to 50 washes.

THE VERDICT: Confession-time — we wash our pillowcases every other week. My husband and I both cleanse our faces before bed (and I also do like 100 other steps and lately that has included the overnight gel mask above) so that makes me feel less guilty about the fact that we never get around to washing our pillowcases weekly or even every 2-3 days as many advise. So a pillowcase that reduces bacteria build-up is a homerun for us! I am also a occasional side sleeper (I know, the worst for skin!!) but since using this pillowcase, I not only feel more confident that I won’t wake up with any new “friends’ on my face but also it reminds me to sleep upright. I think the official name for this sleep position is ‘the soldier,’ and I definitely feel more vigilant about caring for my skin while I get in whatever beauty sleep I can.


Wishing you guys tons of beauty sleep and sweet dreams!!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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