Beauty HOT Seat: Carly Cardellino

Beauty HOT Seat: Carly Cardellino


A new series that puts my beauty buddies in the  figurative hot seat where they will demonstrate their respective expertise by answering 5 quick questions. Quickies, if you will… ;)

So if you want to know what the glam girls & guys think, use and gotta have – look no further. We are dishing it for my divas!!!!!!!!!

Starting with my dear friend… beauty bombshell Carly Cardellino!(Carly on right with fellow SHAPE Deputy Editor AJ Hanley)

Name: Carly Cardellino
Profession: SHAPE’s Beauty Editor

Beauty product every diva should have: A good skin-illuminating foundation (one that offers up just enough coverage that people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing anything at all). My obsession? Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation in #2.
Beauty tool you can’t live without: My eyelash curler.
Beauty buzzword we should know: Foamula. Translation: At-home foam hair color. It’s mess-free, cheap, and effective (it promises flawless color, since it won’t drip onto strands you don’t want dyed). Get excited.
Beauty icon you live for: Lauren Hutton - I recently met her and instantly fell in love with her; she’s so inspiring, gorgeous, and so unique.
Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: If you have bangs and hate the tiny hairs that linger on your face for hours, roll a mini lint remover over your face and neck after you get them cut. The tape instantly picks up stubborn strays so much easier than if you’d use a blow dryer or tissue!(Miss Carly Carl getting pampered at Sweet Lily Spa)