Beauty HOT Seat: Eliza Woznica

Beauty HOT Seat: Eliza Woznica

Name: Eliza Woznica

Profession: Esthetician, Beautician, Owner of E!Spa  


Beauty product every diva should have: Intraceuticals. I’m addicted to this product line. They rejuvenate the skin, enhance the appearance and help to reverse signs of aging. They can be used either at home on their own as a skincare regime or in conjunction with their Intraceuticals Infusion – delivered through a fine mist of hyperbaric oxygen. The oxygen allows a deeper absorption of the products into the skin, creating a more effective penetration of ingredients. What I love the most about the treatment is that it’s 100% non-invasive (no needles, no fillers), but the results are comparable to the ones that you couldn’t get without a more aggressive approach. The treatment mixes the tools of modern science with natural, but always the highest quality, ingredients like Vitamins A and C, aloe vera and green tea.

Beauty tool you can’t live without: Clarisonic Brush… my face feels smooth and clean after each usage.

Beauty buzzword we should know: ORGANIC. This is probably the biggest buzzword in the beauty industry right now, but there’s actually a lot of confusion around using it. Our faces can easily turn “green” as a result of frustration with seemingly interchangeable use of labels like “botanical”, “natural”, “all natural”, “organic” and “certified organic”. So if we really care about what we’re slapping on our bodies, it will do us all good to know what those adjectives really mean:

Certified organic: Contains extracts from plants grown according to farming principles verified by a government or independent organization.

Organic: Contains extracts from plants grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Botanical or natural: Contains plant extracts, but it’s not necessarily organic.

Beauty icon you live for: Monica Bellucci needs no introduction. Amazing actress, style & beauty queen and sex icon!

Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: A homemade peeling can work wonders – it unclogs pores, cleanses, exfoliates, evens skin tone. My peeling made from ground coffee works excellent, not only as cellulite treatment, but as a whole body exfoliator. A simplified version for everyday use works its magic every time and leaves perfectly smooth skin for the next couple of days. I always recommend it to all my friends and so far I haven’t heard any complaints. Because the peeling is highly abrasive, you have to adjust the frequency of application to your own skin. Some people use it also on the face, but I don’t recommend it for those with sensitive skin.

To make this peeling you will only need what’s left from your morning coffee (dregs) and couple of drops of baby oil (or olive oil or other oily substance). Mix cold coffee with olive – it shouldn’t be too liquid, nor too solid. You have to see for yourself what kind of consistency will be the best for your needs. Take your coffee peeling with you to the shower and cover the body (thighs, arms and buttocks… that’s where you can rub the skin harder because it’s thicker). Rinse thoroughly, pat dry and enjoy your super smooth skin! :)

For more on Eliza, check out her site HERE!