Beauty HOT Seat: Kristan Serafino

Beauty HOT Seat: Kristan Serafino

Name: Kristan Serafino
Profession: Celebrity Hair Stylist


Beauty product every diva should have: Jonathan Product Infinite Volume Thickening Foam.  Typically volume foam is applied to wet hair then blown dry to achieve voluminous hair, but often you need a quick fix.  This can be achieved by applying Jonathan Product Infinite Volume Thickening Foam to your dry roots, then flip hair over and blast your hair dry.  Voila, instant volume!

Beauty tool you can’t live without: The one tool you will find in my professional hair kit for work, my personal travel bag, and my home bathroom is the Salon Tech Silicone 450 Flat Iron

Beauty buzzword we should know: Cocktail…for a little beauty buzz!  Combine two or more hair products for a customized formula for your hair type. For example, apply to the palm of your hand; a dollop of mousse, a pea size dab of blow serum, and a drop of de-frizz serum.  Next, emulsify the products by gently rubbing your hands together, and then apply the formula from back-to-front to achieve greater hair volume, anti-frizz and shine.

Beauty icon you live for: Audrey Hepburn. No one defined style and grace more appropriately than this beauty icon. She radiated confidence both in the characters portrayed on-screen and more important in her personal life from social events, to public interviews, to leading charitable causes.

Beauty tip or trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: Work your “Hair Arrows” to attain delicate changes in your appearance.  Let the ends of your hair act as arrows directing the eye to your strongest facial features.  By directing the hair ends in a certain way, you can control and force the viewer’s eye to travel along a subtle path that leads to your favorite facial feature. For example, fringe draws the viewers attention to your eyes.  If your favorite feature is your strong jaw line, then the sweep of a bob accentuates this feature.

For more on Kristan Serafino, check out her site AND her brand-spankin-new blog!!