Beauty HOT Seat: Syl Tang

Beauty HOT Seat: Syl Tang

(Photo by Katy Winn)

Name: Syl Tang
Profession: CEO of HipGuide


Beauty product every diva should have: Giorgio Armani blush in no. 5. It’s so natural even my own mother thought I was just looking “healthy”.

Beauty tool you can’t live without: Neosporin.

Beauty buzzword we should know: Fluffy. I went shopping the other day with a woman whose body is far from thin and she referred to her curves as her fluffy bits. I just loved that embracing of her natural shape.

Beauty icon you live for: Katie Piper. She’s a British TV personality who was scarred in an acid attack and has gone on to create a foundation and awareness for people living with burn scars. She’s helping people see past our conventional ideas of beauty and also improving other’s lives, which I think is really wonderful.

Beauty tipor trick we’ll seriously love you for sharing: Growing up I had terrible eczema on my face and neck. I would smear on St Ives Collagen & Elastin cream every few hours and this is literally the product that has kept me from scarring – you wouldn’t ever think I had eczema. It works so well on sensitive and irritated skin in healing that I would recommend it to prevent stretch marks. It doesn’t have lanolin, cocoa or shea butter which most creams do – and which actually irritate many skin types. And frankly, I credit it for giving me skin that looks ten years younger than I am.