This Balm is da Bomb! [Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm Review]

This Balm is da Bomb! [Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm Review]

I have grappled with what it means to really get this face clean. The soaps and cleansers I have used in the past have either dried out my skin, irritated my eyes or didn’t really remove all of my makeup. If any of them actually left my skin feeling clean it was usually left feeling Sahara-dry. I had been using a drugstore brand “face soap” for years that claimed it was gentle and somewhat natural. I didn’t realize how wrong this product was for my skin until a few days after switching to Colleen Rothschild’s Radiant Cleansing Balm… say that five times!

CLAUDIA_OSSA_4X5Don’t get me wrong, this was not love at first balm! The product claims to remove all make-up, including eye makeup and it does remove eye makeup, but it also made it difficult to see after cleansing. I kinda enjoy the ability to see. Perhaps this was user-error, but I felt like I had rubbed my eye balls with Vaseline. So I opted to cleanse my eye make-up with an inexpensive sudsy cleanser [probably a no-no] and use the balm on my face and neck. It works for me. I used to be very skeptical about creamy make-up removers vs. soapy because I never met a cream that did the job.

Here is why I love using this product to cleanse my face and neck:

Spa love.

First I grab a little bit of the balm and rub it between my hands, then I apply it to my face and move in circles to remove the muck. The balm has a hint of clove smell even though it contains no cloves, which could take your mind in many directions, but it happens to soothe mine. The balm starts out a pale yellow and turns white once you have rubbed it into your skin. Now comes my favorite part. This facial cleansing “kit” consists of a nice-sized tub of balm and a delicate, but large muslin cloth. Not a towel, not a loofah, but a thin and beautiful cotton cloth. You soak this cloth in as hot a water as you can handle, ouch! ouch!, then you squeeze out the excess and lay it over your entire face. Now, you breath in and take in the pleasant smell while the balm and the muck warm up. The last step is to gently remove the balm with the cloth and repeat until all of it is gone. Your skin is left feeling super clean, yet super moist and supple and ready to take on whatever serums or moisturizers you are entangled with.

So how do I know that this balm is the bomb?

Not only does my face feel beautifully clean, but the soft and pure white cotton cloth rinses to pure white after cleansing the heavy amounts of bronzer that keep me looking like a California girl even though I spend most of my time in a kiddy pool and not the hotel pool in Napa.

Note: I teach cooking on YouTube. My recipes are straight forward and simple and my ingredients are whole. When I buy packaged foods, I always read the label and if there are any ingredients that sound like chemicals, I put the item back regardless of the food-porn image on the package. I realize now that I am older and wiser that the same rules do not necessarily apply to skin care. There is alchemy involved in good skin-care and while some all-natural products can be quite nice, it seems that those combining science with nature are the ones that are really making a difference.

The bottom line is that if I read the ingredients on Colleen Rothschild’s Radiant Cleansing Balm, I am not inclined to eat it, but the effects this cleansing balm is having on my skin are quite delicious.

– Claudia Ossa Paradise

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