Daily Diva: Alice Crisci – Survivor Sex

Daily Diva: Alice Crisci – Survivor Sex

This guest post appears on Divalicious because there is nothing I stand more firmly for regarding beauty than it being more than skin deep.

Alice Crisci is a survivor, a leader, an inspiration, a powerful voice and at the same time, a hottie who will not allow a diagnosis deny her sexuality.

Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and 3 weeks later launched Fertile Action to help other women become mothers after cancer. Fertile Action now has a network of Reproductive Endocrinologists who offer 50-100% reduced pricing for fertility preservation to cancer patients.

Huffington Post accepted Alice as a featured blogger on the day of her double mastectomy. They’ve never edited so much as one word of any of her columns, but for some reason said her column about sexuality after a double mastectomy wasn’t for them. No more explanation than that.

And I’m using this platform to call bullshit.

Here is her story:

SURVIVOR SEX: My First Time After a Double Mastectomy by ALICE CRISCI

And for Alice’s regular column, click here.