Sunday is FUNday in Soho!

Started the night late at Gemma, had a few glasses of wine at Kenmare and finally settled in at Goldbar.

Walking from place to place is what I love about this neighborhood.

Except when it’s approximating 100 degrees and the air is as thick as a King covermodel but not nearly as pretty.

It’s nights like these where I see makeup sliding off the faces of girls too happily buzzed to notice or care.

But not mine! Oh hellllllllls no.

My eye-shadow does what it’s told. It knows who’s boss. And it ain’t Angela, Tony or even Mona. 

Yeah it’s me.

With a little help from my new disciplinarian - Victoria’s Secret HyperGloss Eye Shimmer.

It’s a sparkling gel you using VERY sparingly over shadow for spahhhhkle and shine.

It has a wet finish to it and quickly sets whatever’s underneath, be it a shade to layer over, eye primer or good old plain skin. (Available October 2010 along with the Midnight Glamour collection.)

Confession: I’ve been obsessing ever since first testing it at the Holiday preview.

The finished look included a fedora because lately I’m into denim beyond the booty. Mainly on handbags and hats, like this supercute one. (PS – ON budget. From Aldo.)