DAILY DIVA: Katherine Cosmetics Everyday Beauty

DAILY DIVA: Katherine Cosmetics Everyday Beauty

I love that DIVAlicious readers span from teenagers to grandmothers. Beauty and style are truly universal and a side of attitude can be dished out by anyone. Lately many readers have specifically requested beauty products, techniques and looks for women over 40, working women and busy moms. 

[Get it, girls!!]

So when my former boss Karen from Cosmo told me about a new beauty line geared toward (successful, multi-tasking, jet-setting, time-strapped) women over 40 seeking a beauty regimen that is as easy as it is fast, I was instantly intrigued. For my clients, my readers and my own personal experience, I had to test it. I’m not in my 40s yet, but with the amount that I’ve been working and traveling, my tired skin and dark eyes may try to tell you otherwise. Plus, as a professional makeup artist, I need to know what’s out there especially in terms of solution-oriented beauty products. You really can’t do that without touching, feeling, testing these indie lines.

When the brand shipped over sample product, I got right into it.

The philosophy of Katherine Cosmetics is that Everyday Beauty (the name of the collection) can be edited down to 5 luxury items that you can travel with – whether your travels take you to the Greek Islands with your husband, the boardroom before your CEO or the soccer field for your kid’s big game. These items, with their simple yet sleek design, are cute, compact and cater to the modern woman’s lifestyle.

I tested all 5. Here are my thoughts…


No sleep has left me with deep circles and dark undereyes. The Everyday Concealer ($22) definitely helped reduce the look of both. Now if you were to strictly use just the 5 products in the Everyday Beauty collection, this one would also have to double as your foundation. I personally (and professionally) don’t think most women need a full face of foundation so I don’t really see that as an issue. You can apply the concealer wherever you need coverage and blend. This concealer is very cushiony and workable. I used it under my eyes, around my nose, at the corners of my mouth, over my eyelids and on my cheekbones where I have some unbelievably persistant sunspots. However, it only comes in three shades (Light, Medium and Medium+) so finding an exact shade match (or any shade for darker skin) proves challenging/problematic. If the brand grows over time, I imagine they will expand this shade range.

The Everyday Eyeliner ($26) comes in Bonanza Black and Cessna Brown (dark chocolate). In this instance, I prefer the limited shade range. Black and brown eyeliners are most women’s go-to and definitely are all you need to travel with or keep in your purse. These liners glide right on and are both waterproof and smudge-proof. They stay put but aren’t hard or dry so they don’t tug eyelids as you run them over your lashline. TIP: For crepey lids, pull the outer corners taut to smooth skin while applying eyeliner. This will prevent gaps.


Ok, more on the eyeliner! It has a brush on the opposite end so you can smoke out the line. Lord knows I love me a liner with a brush (for eyes or for lips) so I was sold on this feature. And again, since the liner is creamy, it’s a breeze to blend. No tricky technique and no placement know-how required.

Everyday Beauty does not include eyeshadow and, maybe because the look is so fresh and natural, surprisingly I didn’t mind it.

The Everyday Mascara ($25) comes in RR Black and does the job. It is made with Ceramide 3, Aloe B Leaf Extract and Avocado Oil to protect and nourish fragile lashes (a side effect of aging) and Safflower Seed Oil and Silk Powder to lengthen them. 


The Everyday Cheek Glow ($26) is an adorable chubby cream stick that comes in a peachy shade (Flapsdown) and a pinky/rose shade (Bonneymede). I tested Bonneymede and thought it gave a pretty perfect flush. 


The Everyday Shimmer Gloss ($22) comes in 5 shimmery neutral shades. I tested Flapsdown, which reminded me of my younger days religiously lacquering up with Chanel Glossimer in Twinkle. These glosses look and feel great and are designed to moisturize, naturally plump lips and fill lines. I don’t have an issue with bleeding/feathering lips (yet!!) so I can’t speak to that benefit but I definitely really liked this gloss. 


To say these 5 product are all I’d ever need, as a girl who takes 20 lipsticks and 10 glosses on an weekend trip, would be obscenely dishonest. Ladies, please… I live for shocking trend shades and metallic finishes and bright glitters and highlight and contour and then some. But if I could only take 5 items with me – or only had time to apply 5 – I have to say I was REALLY impressed with Katherine Cosmetics. And if one day I am blessed to be a mom or if ever I’m back in a boardroom, I could see this collection as a solid core to an everyday beauty look. I would just have to add electric coral lipstick or shimmery turquoise eyeshadow every now and again.


Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.