Daily Diva: Virgin Territory

Daily Diva: Virgin Territory

Did grooming for Tom Colicchio last week on a Vanity Fair job (who happens to be a super cool guy).

Wanted to look polished on set but not overdone.

Opted for a little liner in the form of MAC PowerSurge, a little mascara in the form of Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme and a little lipstain in the form of MAC Virgin Isle.

Everyone here knows I’m over-the-moon crazy for Virgin Isle as a pop of coral on lip and cheek but I also love it lightly tapped onto the lips for a hint of color.

As a final touch I added NARS Hollywoodland Eyeshadow Pencil to the cupid’s bow to bounce back light and give soft definition.

Throwing on Makeup – 5 minutes max

Throwing on Outfit – 2 minutes

Getting a Cab in Soho for a 9am Calltime – 20+ minutes (Seriously, what does it take to get a personal driver in this town?! I’m SO over the taxi situation!)