DIVA DOES… All Banged Up

DIVA DOES… All Banged Up

Some days you may just feel stuck in a style rut. No worries, it happens to the best of us.

The failproof cure: go to an extreme.

On this particular day, I felt my long and layered hair wasn’t doing much for me except weighing me down. Dull and depressing.

Enter my secret weapon:

And………….. viola!

Clip-in bangs. 

So genius I almost can’t stand it.

Do they not make a WORLD of difference?!


Celeb stylist Kristan Serafino, below to my right, suggested them to me about two years ago when I was first growing out my bangs so I would still have the option to go full-on fierce with some fringe every now and again. I ran out, got an exact shade match and had them custom cut for my face. And they’re still bangin’ (as my original post was titled). She’s good, that one!

Photos by Aisha Singleton.

Oxblood Jacket by Collection B.