DIVA DOES… Behind The Curtain Exclusive With TONY-Nom Laura Osnes

DIVA DOES… Behind The Curtain Exclusive With TONY-Nom Laura Osnes

At the launch event for AccessHAIRize, a select group of bloggers and editors got Tony-nominated actress and singer Laura Osnes (of You’re The One That I Want broadway competition fame) to dish about her on — and off — broadway beauty regimen (with some side commentary from friend and Grease co-star Natalie Hill). 

PHOTO: Laura Osnes between AccessHAIRize founders Kimmie Smith (left) and Kristan Serafino (right)


Now Laura is as beautiful as she is talented. So you would never guess, with her long shiny strands and porcelain skin, that this is a young woman who wears heavy stage makeup and wigs for 8 shows a week.

You may wonder how she manages to still look so good…

Well, here are her secrets.


Q: Do you have a special regimen for your skin because you have to wear so much stage makeup?

LO: I always make sure to get all the makeup off. Stage makeup is thickly packed on. I start with a makeup remover wipe and then cleanse to make sure it’s all off. In between shows is when my skin can really breathe and repair. I also use this Nu Skin product that’s great, it’s a gel thing, for cleansing and anti-aging [Nu Skin Galvanic Spa].

NH: Most people think we use specialty makeup. It’s not. We wear street makeup and just bounce it up a bit on stage. Plus lashes. Strip lashes. We do our own makeup for shows. But it’s not Ben Nye. We use MAC. For my skin, I love the Clarisonic.


Q: Is there a lot of damage to the hair doing so many shows a week and how do you keep your hair looking good?

LO: Yes, there is definitely hair breakage where the wig cap and the mic are pinned. There’s not much you can do about that. It just grows back and looks better in-between shows. I do try to keep my hair as short as possible when doing a show.

PHOTO: Me and Laura Osnes :)

PHOTO: My good friend, Cosmopolitan.com beauty & fashion editor, Carly Cardellino with Laura Osnes and me

Wishing Laura all the luck in the world in just a few hours tonight when the Tony Awards broadcast live at 8 p.m. on CBS!!! Hoping she walks away with the Best Lead Actress in a Musical award in her (well-manicured!!) hand! XO