DIVA DOES… Birthday Diva

DIVA DOES…  Birthday Diva

Soooooooomeone had a birthday last week and is now paying the price for 7 (yes, seven) consecutive nights of celebrating!!!

The next few posts will showcase some birthday style… because as fellow Italian Francesco Rinaldi once said “as I got older, I got better.”

And I’d like to add stronger, smarter, happier…

Dress by H&M – $30
Heels by Forever 21 – $30

Oh budget divas, this is how we do it!!

New haircut by the genius behind last fall’s full-on fringe, Adrian De Berardinis!

Makeup by yours truly, lashes from Ricky’s! (The 5220s are my FAVE!)

With the ever-fab Intern Katlyn at the par-tay!!

Still standing (and sipping), in 5″ heels, at the verrrrry end of the night. XOXX