DIVA DOES… Glitter in the Air

DIVA DOES… Glitter in the Air

Glamour mag hosted a blogger breakfast at hotspot nail salon tenoverten last week to introduce Essie’s new Luxeffects holiday collection.

Just like layering bangles, tank tops, and – in the 80s – two pairs of different colored bunch socks reversed on each foot, the latest in nail art is layering a base shade with an effects shade to create visual interest. Cause two coats of the same shade is sooooooo 2008.

The Luxeffects line is a collection of 5 fancypants toppers – shimmers, sparkles and glitters.

Being a card-carrying girls’ girl myself, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

The breakfast was special-guest-hosted by celeb manicurist, Elle Gerstein, who has polished up the likes of Jennifer Lopez. Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani to name just a few soooooomewhat recognizable names ;)

Elle believes “you’re never fully dressed without a manicure” which I totally subscribe to but also makes me realize I’ve been caught on many occasions running around naked.

Elle dropped science (seriously) on how to layer shades to create enviable and double-take-worthy “nail bling.” Certain combos that pair flats with metallics can make nails look like high-shine colored glass. And certain duos of bases plus glitters can make nails look like sparkly Christmas tree ornaments.

The Luxeffects shades consist of A Cut Above, Set in Stones,  Pure Pearlfection, Shine of the Times, and As Gold as it Gets.

Being a rosegold fanatic, I went with A Cut Above layered over Ladylike.

Sooooo pretty.

Elle also suggested a siren red to pair under A Cut Above for added impact (superfab for the holidays).

Now the best thing about glitter is that it never comes off.

And the worst thing about glitter  is that it never comes off.

Elle to the rescue!

Her pro (and GENIUS) tip: Carefully add heat to nail polish remover to lift glitter. Either submerge the nail polish bottle into heated water (not too hot!) or remove glitter while taking a hot shower. Who knew??!

So – no excuses not to shine on, my crazy diamonds. xo