DIVA DOES… Little Devil

DIVA DOES… Little Devil

My favorite little devil came to visit me this weekend!

And, no, this is NOT a halloween reference, as we think halloween is best served for girls who are dying to be sexy but don’t have the guts every day.

Since we bring it on all the time, we don’t need a special occasion to dress up ;)

We also recognize sexy has nothing to do with whether you’re a nurse, a schoolgirl or a french maid… again. And definitely doesn’t not equate to how much skin is showing. Desire to look super sexy most often ends up looking super desperate.

Sexy is all about confidence and attitude. Modern day swagger.

Which is why even my little devil can look sexy parading around my apartment in this little gift I got her, as kind of a punishment and kind of a joke.


It’s her very own cherry red shower cap, complete with corn-on-the-cob yellow devil’s horns.  Trust me, it’s quite a look.

She has to wear it when she visits and wants to extend her blowout because when she borrows mine – get this, ladies – SHE DOES NOT DRY IT for when it’s my turn to shower.  And somehow, this mischevious lil devil gets water not only on the outside but also it’s dripping wet on the inside.  I mean, what the….???

Two words: Un. Acceptable.

So now she has to don this instead and leave my fabulous Spa Sisters bouffant shower cap to me and my other besties who know how to properly care for it and who respect who’s next in line for showering at our girls weekends.

So this little gift is really one for myself, a little devil in other ways I suppose :)