DIVA DOES… Next to Nude Nails

DIVA DOES…  Next to Nude Nails

Had the pleasure of meeting Essie herself (Essie Weingarten) of Essie Nail Care yesterday morning at a Glamour magazine Bloggers Breakfast where she shared her Winter 2011 Cocktail Bling collection with us at tenoverten - a supercute Tribeca nail salon I’d been wanting to try out for months.

Most of the bloggers of course went for the edgy shades like School of Hard Rocks (grey green) and Bobbing for Baubles (matte navy)… but I, I yet again, went nude.

(photo: with Essie Weingarten of Essie nail polish)

I also went a bit cross-eyed in the photo but let’s just ignore that and stick to nails.

The neutral shade I picked, Brooch the Subject, is a fleshtone tan – almost like putty. Not a sheer girly pink, not a conservative beige, but a yummy cafe au lait varnish.

Essie told me it’s the shade Donna Karan used for her Spring 2012 collection. Suuuuch a trend spotter I am ;)

(photo: Brooch The Subject Essie Nail Polish, with FLASH)

(photo: Brooch The Subject Essie Nail Polish, without FLASH)

I asked Essie about her shade inspiration process and she said she looks not to pantone forecasts or runway trends but rather at the world around her from streets to nature. She’ll see a color that captures her imagination and will build a seasonal collection around it. When asked her favorite shade, she responded, “All of them. They’re like babies. You can’t pick one favorite. Some I love for the shades, some the names. But I love them all.”

I personally cannot wait to paint my diva digits with the sexy metallic Dive Bar collection coming out for Holiday 2011, which includes the blogger-beloved Dive Bar shade. I’m thinking I’ll have to wear it to my local dive bar for my annual holiday sweater party and see what they think…