DIVA DOES… Planting in Brooklyn – it’s not what you think…

DIVA DOES… Planting in Brooklyn – it’s not what you think…

Dee-licious asked me to glam her up for a very special shoot.


These life-size prints were used in the “Planting Seeds, Growing Women” exhibition in Brooklyn, NY.

In the words of the artist, Sharon Ziesel –

“Living in an era of tabloid culture where society is assaulted with the media’s idea of physical perfection, I am inspired to explore such shallow and unattainable perceptions of beauty and to creatively project healthier and more abstract images of the female form.

…It is a way to explore different types of physical splendor by intermixing ethnicities, shapes, and sizes on one plane. 

…We are the sum of all of our parts, and we all have marvelous segments that make us whole beings, contributing to one lovely womanhood.”

While I personally love the beauty in the fantasy portrayed in editorial and advertising as well, there is something remarkable about real world beauty and the everyday women who take the reins to own and work their unique look however near or far it is to conventional standards.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to strut the concrete catwalk of your life, you just have to be the superwoman you already are.