DIVA DOES… Rainbow Bright

DIVA DOES… Rainbow Bright

Sorry for the little lapse, ladies… I’ve been off celebrating my birthday :)

I’m happy to report that each year I get better at revealing my true colors.  And still I must tell you, I may always prefer showing off those of others.

Namely MAC, Nars, Shiseido, Bare Escentuals….

This year, I decided to rock true (cosmetic) colors for my nighttime bday festivities.

Friday into Saturday was Party Purple at neighborhood bar 108 in NYC’s Soho followed by a little Griffin action in the Meatpacking.

Saturday into Sunday was Birthday Blue down the shore at Avenue in Long Branch.

Sunday into Monday was Going-Out Green at Stanton Social and then Goldbar back in downtown NYC.

My makeup kit may as well be my adult carton of Crayola, and this weekend I pulled out the fun shades only.

I was coloring outside the lines and loving every second of it.

I cared less for precision and more for pigmentation and pop.

I spent lots of time on the eye and conversely, hardly any on the lip.

And of course, I whipped out my highlighter like any studious schoolkid with a backpack full of supplies.

I had a good time.

And I think the makeup both provided it and communicated it.

Let me know if this is the kind of look you’d like to see on video…