DIVA DOES… When It’s Good It’s GOLD

DIVA DOES…  When It’s Good It’s GOLD

Photo of GoldBar doorman Anthony James Vennitti and Lauren Cosenza …

I was recently featured in the NY Times Style Section about spoken and unspoken dress codes for various NYC hot spots.

The interview with journalist Douglas Quenqua was totally fun and candid and the more we spoke I realized the concept is truly interesting to me in a way that’s bigger than simple fashion.Totally beyond beauty. More like anthropology.

I was intrigued about the piece and curious how I would be included – I go out all the time and work in beauty/fashion but, unlike many friends, am not actually in the nightlife business.

Then, while away in Dallas on a job with Victoria’s Secret, I learned I would be shadowed for an evening and photographed for the story. This would include getting ready, getting in and getting buzzed.

And for the first time, I had butterflies. This was THE TIMES STYLE SECTION and I wanted to look good and would have virtually zero time to prep (no two-day-prior facial, no day-of blowout, no new outfit, no nothing).

I was being photographed on a Sunday so there was no question as to where we were going – you all know I love the FUNDAY party at GoldBar and there couldn’t be a more perfect venue for the article. The photographer was meeting me and two girlfriends, Vanessa Lennon and Tiffany Jones, at my apartment at 10:30pm.

So the only thing left TBD was what to wear. Kiiiiiiind of major.

Click here to see what ended up in print in the city’s most stylish paper and section, and read on to find out the details on what I rocked for the camera and the club.

Oh and…. drumroll…. the entire head-to-toe look was under $500!!

Here’s the breakout from top to bottom…

LIPSTICK: Shiseido PK417 – my perfect pink! $25

OUTFIT: H&M sarong-style mesh sweetheart dress- $30 (seriously, I had to get it in both black and white, it’s so cute and comfy and practically free!)

NECKLACE: Kenneth Jay Lane matte gold hammered Cleopatra cuff  - $100 

UNDERGARMENTS: Le Mystere Lolita strapless bra - $75 and Hanky Panky low-rise thong $18 

BRACELET: Studio City Trinkets & Treasures matte gold hammered grecian cuff - $100

CLUTCH: Label-less black leather envelope purse with exposed zippers - $0 (gift from my homegirl Luciana)

HEEL: Steve Madden ponyhair leopard pump with matchstick metallic gold stiletto - $130 (NOTE: if you get them *pictured below* you will undoubtedly be asked be stylish women… and men alike… who the “designer” is – so purchase only if you have the balls to tell the truth or the pokerface to lie. As always, I go with balls. Luxe for less – ain’t nothing wrong with it.)

Photo of Vanessa Lennon, Lauren Cosenza and Tiffany Jones at GoldBa…