The Dish with DDR: SHE’s Fit, SHE’s Beautiful!

The Dish with DDR: SHE’s Fit, SHE’s Beautiful!

SHE’s Fit, SHE’s Beautiful was quite the event. Style Hunt Event’s (SHE) brought together women to view side-by-side showcases of the newest innovations in fitness, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, anti-aging, apps, supplements, nutrition and so much more!

I had a blast viewing and testing out some of the fine products and services for us stylishly fit women!

Here are a few of my finds…


VirginN, Pure Mineral Makeup

On display were mineral foundations, bronzers, blush, brushes, and lipsticks. All of the products are completely pure and free of talc, corn starch, and parabens. What’s great about this line is that the products work to not only cover up your flaws, but to correct them in the process. Some of the benefits you can receive from these products are great coverage, water resistant, promote vibrant skin with the addition of amino acids in the ingredients, and soothing for sensitive skin types. This brand is def worth a try… and (the best part) you can get what your skin needs all from the comfort of your house! VirginN has licensed aestheticians available for you to speak to – either by phone or video chat – to ensure you get the perfect products for your needs.


My Earth Kiss has taken the face mask to ANOTHER LEVEL. Earth Kiss’ 100% natural masks contain the wonder, earthly ingredient Himalayan Shilajit that comes seeping straight out of the cracks in the Himalayan Mountains! The ingredient is an ancient Ayurvedic phenomenon because it contains over 85 minerals that the body needs to function exceptionally on its own. It includes natural antioxidants, antiseptic, and an anti inflammatory to help keep imperfections at bay. Some of the many benefits include increasing energy, relieving stress in the body and signs of stress (wrinkles, dark, puffy eyes..etc.) from the skin. YES, PLEASE!

The Shilajit is a very thick and sticky substance added to the mask to deep cleanse and extort all impurities, which will help restore vitality and vibrance to the skin.

The brand had a wide array of mask options on display from a bamboo sheet mask to hydrate or revitalize and mud masks to exfoliate, rejuvenate, pore cleanse, or pore refine. The options are endless, ladies! The mask I chose (at random) was a Moroccan Clay, Pore Refining mud mask.

IMG_0894face mask

So, while I was writing this post I tested it out. Here are my thoughts: the mask is definitely VERY thick, but that was expected and at certain points, slightly itchy. The packet contained enough mud for at least two uses, which is great for your wallet or if you really want to lather on a nice amount to get those pores refined reaaaal well (which is what I did). This particular mud mask had a sweet, fruity scent and bits of different ingredients were obvious. My skin felt greatly rejuvenated after I removed the mask and my pores appeared less visible.



This demonstration caught my eye with the pyramid display of dietary supplements! I’m always up to try a new a superfood that will benefit my health and Youtheory had a wide range of products to choose from to do just that! You can check out their variety of youth-boosting, anti-aging, hormone-nourishing products for men and women here. Can’t wait to try the turmeric!

Some more highlights from the show include some fab athletic brands like Pedego Electric Bikes and Dude Girl Clothing…


Hope you’ve enjoyed my finds! If you want to see even more brands from the showcase check out the quick video from SHE’s Facebook page!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Products were provided as samples for review.