DIVA DISH: 10 Days Til Christmas – Ice Queen

DIVA DISH: 10 Days Til Christmas – Ice Queen


Ever been called an Ice Queen? Told your “heart’s cold as ice”? Been mad at a lover and iced him out?

I may or may not have been guilty of all three during points in my life… and those points may or may not have been really recent ;)

So naturally I died over these ice cube trays that have a red cupid’s bow piercing through four 2″ heart-shaped ice cubes.

Only $12 at Fred Flare, there’s no excuse not to have them. Unless of course you’re on some stupid budget that your very smart finance-type brother put you on that doesn’t allow for novelties. On the other hand, it does have a somewhat reasonable line item for beauty treatments and a mini-budget for wardrobe and tailoring. Soooo maybe I don’t really need the trays. But you do. Seriously. One of us has to have them.

Too. Cute.