Diva Dish: 60 Days To Christmas… On Dasher!

Diva Dish: 60 Days To Christmas… On Dasher!

When mamalicious Rosycruise herself started asking me about Christmas gifts this week, I told her she was out her mind. Until she reminded me it was only two months away. Say whaaaaaa….

Guess it’s time to start my annual gift-giving countdown post series.

First up… this brilliant hand-warmer / nail polish combo from the always-fabulous Juicy Couture. Because who has time to dry these days? But then again, who has time for a polish change when the gloves smudge the polish after dashing out?

Available in black and in oatmeal for $68, it’s straight-up fashion meets function.

Perfect for the girls who need to keep a (free) finger on the pulse.