DIVA DISH: 7 New Summer Hair Products To Try Now

DIVA DISH: 7 New Summer Hair Products To Try Now

Beachy. Windblown. Salty. Wet. Sun-bleached. Wavy. It’s summer hair season, divas, and I’ve made 7 new friends I’d like to introduce you to. Got a feeling you’ll get along fabulously.

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1. Pureology Cleansing Conditioner, $34

This gentle vegan product will break your rigid belief that a shampoo+conditioner-in-1 won’t actually work and your hair won’t actually look great after. It’s a low-foam shampoo-free cleanser that (you guessed it) also conditions and it comes in 3 formulas – 1 for strength, 1 for hydration and 1 for smoothing. It’s made for color-treated hair (though my fiancé also uses it and his hair’s lookin’ A+ good) and is meant to be used only 1-2x per week (use your regular shampoo + conditioner on off days).

Why add it? Because we basically over-cleanse and strip our hair – not good for anyone but especially not good for those who dye their hair. Over-cleansing leads to cuticle damage and stripping away that expensive haircolor. It’s important to give your hair a break — and there may be days where you just cannot skip washing it altogether (i.e. you are dripping sweat post-Soul-Cycle and dry shampoo is not gonna cut it). More, each one has its own aromatherapy-inspired fragrance.

cricket detangling brush on divalicious

2. Cricket Detangling Brush, $12.95

This can be used on any hair type wet or dry but I love it as an in-shower brush. It is the ultimate detangler. It has keratin protein and coconut oil in it and while I’m honestly never quite sure how these ingredients in a plastic brush (or any hair tool) comes out and get into the hair (anyone???), I know they’re both really good for it. What else I know, the scalp massage you can give yourself with this guy is a dream. If you use a leave-in mask or deep conditioner, you can apply the product straight onto the brush and evenly comb through.

Why add it? I mean, let’s get real, it wins on good looks alone. And it works. It’s ergonomically designed so you’ll be knot-and-tangle-free in no time.

muk thermal protector on divalicious

3. muk Thermal Protector, $23.50

This sexy Australian brand knows you may be adding extra heat this summer by way of blowdryer and styling tools. You’re not going to just air dry every day all season. So protecting your strands is essentials. If you are just doing a blowout, you can spritz this orange-scented spray all over towel-dried hair, focusing on the ends. If you are going to flat-iron or curl, mist it over dry sections, one at a time, prior to heat styling. The formula is light and non-greasy.

Why add it? The sun is taking its toll on your hair. When you can protect against added heat, there are no excuses not to. Plus (added bonus!) this muk product has UV protectors in it that help minimize that sun damage and also against color fade if you color your hair.

jose eber wet or dry styling iron on divalicious

4. Jose Eber Wet or Dry Styling Iron, $130

When you’re pressed for time in the summer but you still want “done,” frizz-free, sleek hair, sometimes a blowout followed by styling isn’t an option. This tool allows you to carefully straighten hair that is damp (or dry). The large 1 + 1/2″ tourmaline ceramic plate size also speeds up the process, leaving you with frizz-free and flyaway-free strands in no time. You can also adjust the temperature to your liking.

Why add it? It eliminates the lengthy step of having to fully blow out your hair before safely straightening or bending it with an iron. TIP: Mist on a heat protector before wet or dry use.

cricket heat boss brush on divalicious

5. Cricket Heat Boss 2″ Brush, $24

If you do fancy a blowout, and you want it speedy gonzales style, this is a great tool to add to your arsenal. The Heat Boss brush allows you to control the heat with a basic dial that either locks in heat or allows heat to flow through an opening at its top. Its bristles are ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic-infused and can take very high heat (up to 570*F). The barrel is chrome-plated and is a great size for a big bouncy smooth summer blowout.

Why add it? Because you’re a boss. And because this brush can really cut down your drying time.

show beauty pure treatment oil on divalcious

6. Show Beauty Pure Treatment Oil, $78

This “liquid gold” hair oil has a blend of argan, jojoba and coffee oils. It repairs, conditions, enhances and shines your strands. And it smells great. You can use it on damp hair before styling, on dry hair that’s parched or frizzy, on flyaways that won’t play nice — or perhaps most impressive, combed through as an overnight treatment to wash off come morning. Need a quicker fix: comb it through dry hair, wrap hair up in a warm towel for 10 minutes, then wash off. Viola!

Why add it? The absolutely stunning packaging gives this product a sense of opulence, indulgence and luxury. Don’t you deserve all that? Yes it comes at a high price point, but a little goes a long way, so the value is definitely there. I personally display the bottle with my fragrances out on a countertop in my bathroom and guests always comment on how gorgeous it is, then when they test it and it does its functional job they are doubly impressed.

muk sea salt spray on divalicious

7. muk Sea Salt Spray, $23.50

What’s hotter than tousled, sexy summer hair? Rhetoric question. Because nothing.

muk Sea Salt Spray gives killer texture, can be applied to damp or dry hair and has a soft matte finish. It won’t weigh hair down and actually lifts up your layers. You just shake it up and spritz it on. Then twist your head, flip it up and down and air dry or hit it with the hairdryer. You can also twist hair for loose waves or use it to define and separate curls.

Why add it? WHY NOT. This is my new fave beach hair product. It does everything it claims AND I’ve also used it to extend a blowout — not only did it bring life back to my face-framing layers but is also awakened the curl memory in my ends so my hair bounced back to exactly the way it looked leaving the salon days earlier. Amaze.

And that’s a wrap on the 7 new summer hair products you need to know.

To #goodhairdays all season! I wish it for each and every one of you.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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