DIVA DISH: Aquaffinity Skincare

DIVA DISH: Aquaffinity Skincare

Bloggers often get emails from friends of friends hoping they will test their new beauty line (or clothing and accessories collection — or custom spa treatment — or what have you). Over the years, some things have come my way that I’ve loved and some things that… didn’t quite do it for me. But whenever possible, I do my best to try out these goods and services because, hey, in the event that they rock why not spread the love. 

This is how Aquaffinity ended up on my countertop.

stylist friend of mine knew the owner and creator and really liked her face and eye cream.

I did a little online research before committing to trying it myself (because unlike a lipstick, skincare takes some time to review) and it turns out the new premium skincare does indeed use premium ingredients. The brand stands by its claims and offers a six-month money back guarantee. The line is entirely cruelty-free with 10% of profits going to animal welfare organizations. And more, the founder started it in an exasperated state after many unsuccessful and costly trips to her dermatologist. (I can’t even begin to count the women I know who can relate to that!)

I received my samples and put them to work.

Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Cream is packed with beloved oils like Grape Seed, Avocado, Jojoba, Argan and Rose. It also contains Organic Shea Butter and, true to its promise, together these ingredients plump and hydrate skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Green Tea and Chamomile add anti-oxidant benefits. Plus there are proprietary ingredients (including a peptide-based complex) to fight wrinkles and build collagen. I loved the way this cream instantly absorbed into my skin and left it feeling soft and nourished.

The Refreshed! Eye Cream contains ingredients like Aloe and Green Tea for skin smoothing and firming, plus proprietary ingredients to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. Clinical studies done by the brand showed results in 28 days. I personally try my best not to look for any wrinkles around my eyes but did notice after using this eye cream the fine lines were definitely not as visible. 

The Rejuvenation face cream and Refreshed eye cream are super gentle and both felt amazing on skin. I actually had a bit of a reaction to a popular oral supplement just before I started testing both Aquaffinity creams, and neither inflamed but actually both calmed the skin sensitivity. Something that is rare for anti-aging products!

Compared to other high-end skincare lines, not to mention Rx treatments, $52 for the face cream (1 fl. oz.) and $38 for the eye cream (0.5 fl. oz.) are pretty reasonable prices too. 

Before your next trip to the derm or department store, you may want to check Aquaffinity out!


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.

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