Diva Dish: Best Brumisateur I Ever Had

Diva Dish: Best Brumisateur I Ever Had

Of course I never heard of one before it arrived on my desk last week but it’s still my most favorite ever!  And I’ll tell you why.

Having just been in South Beach, my skin’s feelin a little dry from sun exposure – so I’ve been dabbing and patting on generous amounts of Creme de La Mer morning and night atop my Lauder Advanced Night Repair (exclusively at night, natch).

Not exactly a recession-friendly combo, but I’m well aware that skincare is an investment.

No issues there.

But when my skin is feeling a little dehydrated or, worse, I see a small area of parched skin just begging for moisture throughout the day after my makeup is perfectly put together, I’m at a loss for what to do and, honestly, at a loss for focusing my attention on anything else.

When I got the spray in my hands I was doubtful; Evian is not best known for its cosmetic benefits. But after further thought, it clicked – consumption of water actually is a beauty requirement for good skin (not to mention, a slim figure) and hydration is a pre-requisite for proper skin care.  So I spritzed. And spritzed again. And I got spritz-happy, it felt so good.

Better yet, it didn’t ruin my artfully-applied liner, shadow, blush or lipstick – it actually worked to preserve it like a set powder or a fix spray. Think of my beloved Clarins Fix’ Make-up as a reference only at less than half the price point.

Best of all, it comes in adorable travel-size minis for those of you like me who require a little sun & sand every few months.