DIVA DISH: Bodyography Cream Shadow

DIVA DISH: Bodyography Cream Shadow

Got these Bodyography Cream Shadows right before my birthday (that would be August 9 for my fellow Lionesses) and they’ve quickly become a staple in my beauty bag.

They glide right on and have a gorgeous (and very on-trend) metallic finish. You can choose from four shades…

Glisten – silver with shimmery black and platinum loose pigments

Glitz – pale gold with shimmery white and gold loose pigments

Glimmer – rosegold with shimmery cream and bronze loose pigments

Gleam – bronze with shimmery coffee and cream loose pigments

… or splurge and buy them all (they’ll run you $20 each). They blend beautifully with one another and play nice with other cream shadows as well.

They’re also super lightweight so you can toss them into your daybag or clutch. Just be careful when opening not to let the loose pigments fall out. You’ll want to blend them with the cream color for added dimension. Now, on the contrary, if you happen to be a taxi touchup girl like me, you may prefer to forego the loose pigments altogether. Carefully dust them all off and out of the container and apply just the base shade during those bumpy rides.

For a supersimple look, like I whipped up when my family took me to The General for dinner to celebrate my bday, just swipe some on with a finger and then rim eyes with a darker liner from the same color family. Coat lashes in mascara. Coat them again. And again. And then run out the door.

Easy breezy.

Just like a cream shadow should be.

Bodyography Cream Shadow


Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for my use as a professional makeup artist.