Diva Dish: Get a Grip.

Diva Dish: Get a Grip.

There can be no better time to test a dry shampoo/mattifying hair product than post-spin-class.

Which is exactly when I popped open the Redken Powder Grip 03.

And I was super skeptical.

A lot of dry shampoos/mattifiers that are powder-based look ashy and chalky – which, in my opinion, isn’t a solution but a new problem.

So I often just go old-school with the Johnson’s Baby Powder.

This week, after 45 minutes of killer cardio synced up to a power playlist, I sprinkled a little Powder Grip 03 in my hands from a sample that was sent to me and I immediately noticed it’s unusual texture — it’s instantly drying and mattifying even on the hands, with little slip to it. It was almost hard to rub it around in my palms. I worked it through my roots at the crown.

My hair was instantly lifted (amazing volume and texture) and shine-free. Pretty impressive. “Pretty pretty pretty pretty good” as my boyfriend Larry David would say.

And it wasn’t just a quick boost – which is usually the case with powders. The texture lasted all night into the morning too. Serious staying power.


Here’s the catch: I no longer have the excuse of ‘just got a blowout’ or ‘having a great hair day’ to keep me from bike #3 or #8 at Equinox. I’ll have to give up my lazy-girl workout days where I feel good just for having stepped inside the club.

But if the byproduct of this awesome silica-based matte powder is a tighter ass, stronger thighs and a slimmer waistline, guess I’m not complaining. I’ll take my beauty products with a side of hot bod any day.

Note: This post is not sponsored. All reviews and thoughts are unbiased and my own. Product was provided for review.