Diva Dish: iCandy

Diva Dish: iCandy

There is a growing group of my inner circle friends pushing for the big switch.

To the new iphone this fall.

No, not from the old one.

No, not from the old old one.

From… the blackberry.

Which may make me a dinosaur (hey, it took me YEARS to even consider online bill pay and give up checks and stamps) but when you are running your own small business a full QWERTY keypad is critical to the virtual office (mine includes coffee shops, the gym, the train and so forth). It’s all about accessibility. And nothing about autocorrect.

Anyhooooo, a select few have taken to tempting me with the soft sell of instagram filters and more recently, the hard sell of gluttonous i-candy.

Case in point – these designed-for-a-diva cases from Etsy!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Now they are for iphone 4, but STILL… how CUTE?!

We’ll have to see what they make for 5 – but Miss Emily knows the way to my heart ♥