DIVA DISH: Kiss Me, I’m Wearing Press-Ons

DIVA DISH: Kiss Me, I’m Wearing Press-Ons

Nothing says class like a set of press-on nails.

So what if my boyfriend is HORRIFIED by them. Particularly the leopard print. 

In a pinch, they do the job. And sometime’s a pinch is all you got.

The Kiss ImPress nails (shown above) come in countless shades, patterns and lengths on Amazon. They require NO PREP, NO GLUE and NO DRY TIME. They are easy breezy to apply: just peel and press. You can cut and file them to your liking and, should you desire, you can also completely customize them with nail strips, appliqués or plain old polish. Best of all, they come is the cutest clear nail-polish-bottle-shaped kit.

I was very impressed with their strong grip and after 7 days with the first set, they were still totally secure when I removed them. For my second attempt, (the french manicure), one fell off after two days but since I kept the little bottle with spares in my purse I just quickly replaced it. 

These press-ons, as you might imagine, have a certain thickness to them. So yes, they are somewhat fake looking but only very up-close from a certain angle. They actually come in a great assortment of shapes and sizes and lie flush against the cuticle, making for a pretty respectable mani. I fooled many a fashionable friend before revealing my plastic. 

These are definitely going straight into my beauty 911 kit.


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