DIVA DISH: Kryolan Makeup Blend (Sheer Delight!)

DIVA DISH: Kryolan Makeup Blend (Sheer Delight!)

Unless of course you want it to, holiday beauty does not have to mean transforming into a Radio City Rockette with complete stage makeup. And in fact, if you prefer a more natural look versus a heavy-handed application, you can still look amazing in photos. The key is flawless (versus full) coverage. And easily enough, investing in this one product can help you achieve it.

Enter Kryolan Make-Up Blend. A pro product that, interestingly, allows for the everyday wearability of products you already own. 

You just combine it with your full coverage and highly pigmented cream items to get to your desired degree of opacity. Play with the ratio until it’s just right. No matter how sheer, the mix will dry down to a gorgeous matte finish, perfect for the season!

Below I demonstrate how it works with a Shiseido cream foundation followed by a MAC cream color base, to replicate perfect December flushed cheeks. The black arrows on the right point to the products applied straight to skin and the grey arrows on the left point to the products mixed with Kryolan Make-Up Blend.

You can see the color products applied directly to skin on the right appear much thicker and seem to sit on top of skin, as compared to the products mixed with the fluid on the left that seem to fuse with skin for a far more natural effect.


You can buy Kryolan Make-Up Blend here.


Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for my use as a professional makeup artist.