DIVA DISH: Nudists Welcome

DIVA DISH: Nudists Welcome

While scarlet may be her namesake and signature lip look, I fully suggest Miss Johansson go nude more often.  A lot more.  All the time really.  Because this ad for the recently launched Dolce & Gabbana Makeup is MESMERIZING. 

Captivating.  Enthralling.  Absolutely and painfully gorgeous.

I cannot take my eyes off of the almost naked but perfectly painted lip. 

This is the fantasy and the artistry of cosmetics brought to life via glossy paper stock. 

A total iconic transformation from arresting and powerful beauty to subtle and seductive beauty. 

A lip need not be crimson red to command attention and evoke sensuality.  Sometimes less is more.

Why there is no product information detailed in the ad or on the site is beyond me. (The inset palette does not appear to be the one used, and is shadow-specific.)  A total shame, as I would buy every single item.

In case you too are inspired, every single item is sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.