Diva Dish: Oh Is That The Case

Diva Dish: Oh Is That The Case

In beauty, it’s been said it’s all about the packaging.

And so long as the goods are comparable in quality and benefit, I’ve got no problem with that.

In fact, like the next girl, I’m a sucker for cool construction and killer design.

So when I was contacted by Caseable to custom create my own laptop or tablet case using their site, I was all for it.

It was seriously SO much fun to design. (I love those moments when it is work but then again, it’s not.)

You can use your own images or theirs (they have a pretty impressive and eclectic library)… select accent and zipper colors… add logos, taglines, your name, initials…

While my case was gifted, the prices are reasonable for something so personalized (roughly $70 for my MacBook Air). And as someone born in the BK, I was happy to support a local business (all cases are hand-crafted in Brooklyn).

These things make for sick gifts…. so friends, family and clients of mine – don’t be surprised when you get them for future birthdays or holidays ;)

I plan to get everyone on the case



logo detail

zipper detail

fabric detail