DIVA DISH: Pink Holiday

DIVA DISH: Pink Holiday


If you are anything like me, you pack 20+ lipsticks for long weekend getaway. And 1/2 of them are pink. And to get the shade just right, sometimes you even blend a couple.

Well, the founder of new lipstick line PINK HOLIDAY is also part of our club.

Cara Nigro could never find the perrrrrfect shade of pink. So she launched a lipstick line with 21 awesome pinks. And let me tell you, the shades are GORGE.


I was sent 5 samples and loved all 5.

The collection really speaks to the nuances in color as these pinks range from pale and retro to vibrant and punchy. 

Here I am in my DIVAlicious studio in Champagne Toast


… and down in the Boca office days later in Capri Flowers.

I also wore Pink Flamingo Club yesterday for my video shoot with SELF magazine. Was a hit! 

This lipstick is highly-pigmented and long-lasting yet still creamy. Check it out on ShopNBC and Blush.com or at Henri Bendel in NYC.

Plus, for my west coast divas, coming soon to Fred Segal.

So no more compromising on (or having to concoct!) the perfect pink. Take a Pink Holiday instead.