Diva Dish: Return of the MAC

Diva Dish: Return of the MAC

You can’t love MAC without experiencing heartache. Many times over. And I love MAC so I should know.

Here’s what happens…

A limited edition line or non-permanent shade is introduced. For limited edition items, there’s also the allure of to-die-for packaging (otherwise known as the bait).

You can’t resist just an item or two. (And if you have a PRO card, an item or ten.)

You fall hard for one particular product and it becomes your go-to.

You use it all the time and either run out, lose it or (my personal fave) a friend “borrows” it.

And then you curse the day you ever bought anything MAC for a day or so until a new line or product comes out.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster and women around the world keep getting back in line for another ride.

Well this month 3 lipsticks, 3 lipglosses and 3 eyeshadows voted on by fans are returning and can be purchased online, while supplies last, for the month of August. (As a Leo, of course I think this must be birthday present to me.) And to add to the suspense and excitement of reuniting with an old flame, the products are being rolled out with lipsticks reintroduced August 6th, lipglosses August 8th and eyeshadows August 13th. Such a tease, I know, but then again I’m already eyeing these…

Could there be a better name for a green eye shadow than Guacamole?

As long-time readers know, I live for a green eye with a punchy pink lip. Candy Yum-Yum and Moxie fit the bill!